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The LapGenie is a wonderfully simple yet highly functional portable work surface. The LapGenie is the perfect device for the physically challenged, laptop users with back problems, neck strain and other discomforts inherent with latop computer use and individuals confined to bed for medical reasons.


Originally conceived as a tool for correcting the erogonomic problems of using a laptop computer, LapGenie owners find themselves using the LapGenie for reading in bed, holding presentation notes at eye level, and even elevating cookbooks over crowded counters.

LapGenie at a glance:

  • LapGenie Original has a 10" x 14" surface area, which fits into most brief cases.
  • LapGenie XL has an 11.25" x 15" surface area to accommodate larger individuals
  • Both models feature platforms with adjustable height and angle.
  • LapGenie is manufactured in the US using aircraft quality anodized aluminum for durability and lasting beauty while weighing only a mere 1.7 pounds.
  • LapGenie is available in four colors (blue, grey, fushia and black) and is backed with a lifetime warranty.

LapGenie Lap Desk Features:

The basic design of the laptop computer (keyboard attached to the screen) forces laptop users to adopt uncomfortable positions. No matter where a laptop is used (on a desk, in bed, on the floor, etc.), users must crane their necks due to improper screen height, or strain their wrists due to improper keyboard angle, or both. Only the LapGenie lap desk is specifically designed to address both of these key ergonomic shortcomings.


The LapGenie addresses these concerns by allowing laptop users to infinitely adjust the height and angle of their computers.

Adjustable Angle and Height:


This is the most important LapGenie feature. No matter where you want to use your laptop, the LapGenie will make you more comfortable. The range of adjustment is amazing.


When you want to use your laptop or read in bed, adjust the LapGenie so that it straddles your waist. Simply elevate and adjust the angle and you can work comfortably flat on your back! The LapGenie holds the screen above you and you can adjust the angle so that your wrists rest comfortably on the keyboard.

With the height of the front edge of the LapGenie set to 0" (legs folded flat), the LapGenie becomes a desktop laptop support. You can adjust the angle of your laptop so that the screen is elevated and the keyboard tilted up. This provides welcome relief to your neck and wrists.


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Self-supporting Lap Desk:

We guarantee that the LapGenie will hold up to 10 pounds.


We decided to test what the LapGenie's upper limits were, so we placed a scale and a car battery on it. The scale read 30 pounds.. and the LapGenie held it solidly.


Other portable laptop desks or support devices employ the user's legs as their support. In other words, your legs wind up supporting not only the weight of the laptop, but the weight of the lap desk, as well. If you shift position to try and get more comfortable, the computer shifts, also.


Other than improper height and angle, the weight of a laptop pressing down on the legs and the transfer of heat are the main reasons laptop use in bed or on a couch quickly become an uncomfortable chore.

The average laptop weighs around 8 pounds, and that's without extra batteries or large battery packs that road warriors use to extend working time while running on battery. That is why it is essential that a portable laptop desk is capable of holding the laptop on its own.

The versatility of the LapGenie is enhanced by its strength.


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Materials, Weight and Dimensions:

Clearly, weight is a factor when you are taking your laptop on the road. When your computer, extra batteries, and other paper work already make for heavy baggage.


We have sourced the best components we could find to make sure the strength and durability of the LapGenie would not be compromised.  By securing aircraft quality anodized aluminum, we assure optimum strength and light weight. It only weighs 1.7 pounds!


Specifically designed to fit in a Laptop case, the original LapGenie's work surface measures 14" wide and 10" deep. The Original LapGenie has 12 positions that take the front edge from flat (0") to 12" high, the largest range of adjustment of any portable work surface on the market.


As the Lapgenie is raised higher, the feet widen to improve stability. At Position 1, the Original LapGenie's legs are 14 1/2 " apart, at Position 5 they are 19" apart, and at Position 12 they are 21 1/2" apart.


A few Original LapGenie owners told us that a little more leg width in the middle positions would make the LapGenie a more comfortable fit for them. The LapGenie XL addresses that concern by adding an inch to the work surface width (15"). This translates into an extra 2" of spread at the feet and an extra inch of maximum height (13").


At Position 1, the LapGenie XL's legs are 16 1/2 " apart, at Position 5 they are 21" apart, and at Position 12 they are a full 2' apart. The best way to tell if you should order an XL is to kick back on your favorite couch or bed and measure the outside width of your thighs midway between your knee and hip. If your thighs are more than 19" wide, go with the XL.

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LapGenie Folded


For transportation or storage, the LapGenie is only 3" at its thickest point (leg assembly).  The rest of it is basically the work surface tapering down to 1/2".

The LapGenie slips easily into a Laptop case!

Height & Angle Adjustment


Is made by simply depressing the leg slide lock and moving the leg in or out. As the height of the LapGenie is adjusted upward, the legs move wider apart keeping the LapGenie stable and comfortable at any height and any angle.


For desired table top angle, loosen friction knobs, position to the desired angle and re-tightens knobs.


In fact, we're so sure that the LapGenie is the most versatile portable lap desk that we've compiled links to the competition and provided them in a table, along with a side-by-side feature comparison for your convenience.



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Unconditional 30 Day Guarantee!

We are so sure that the LapGenie will improve your laptop computing, reading in bed and many other uses, that we offer an unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee, and we are so sure of our material and build quality that we offer a lifetime warranty.

The LapGenie US patent #6019050

Proudly made in the USA


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