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Ergonomics is the relationship between the human form and machines. The term was invented in the early 1950's by a group of scientists and engineers interested in the relationship between people and machines. The word is derived from the Greek work "ergon" - work and nomos - natural laws of.


Ergonomics is matching the activities, products and environments with the needs of the people. It blends the fields of anatomy, physiology, psychology and engineering into an understanding of the significance of human variability in performing physical or mental activities. It's focus is preventative, examining all relevant human factors and seeking resolve to underlying problems.


We can all benefit from the integration of ergonomics into our work systems and hereby improve our overall efficiency and well being.


Are you a candidate for Carpal Tunnel, Neck Strain, or other problems?

We realize how many people have health problems due to working on computers, with a less than optimal set-up.


Ergonomics is a big concern, but in many cases we are still behind in accepting it as a big health concern, We have better back stores and such, but people usually do not take the entire computer set up into consideration. There are definite orientations to the equipment which should be made and can make a big difference in avoiding carpal tunnel syndrome, neck and back strain and other problems.


Laptops are poor in design for comfort. Ergonomically speaking they are awful. It is difficult to position it to a comfortable or ergonomically ideal position, not to mention reducing the heat level on your lap. To adjust the laptop in as comfortable and ergonomically correct position as possible, is why the LapGenie was designed and created. It allows you to adjust your laptop to your individual preference of comfort and corrects the ergonomic issues at the same time. While also giving you the option of working where you are the most comfortable, wherever that might be - whether it's in bed, on the sofa or even on the floor.


Fertility: Men - keep the laptops off your lap!

Hey guys: If you use your knees to support your laptop, you might want to stop! Researchers from the State University of New York at Stony Brook report that even an hour of laptop computer use might hurt fertility.


Clamping your thighs together to balance the machine, combined with the heat it emits, raises scrotal temperature. After an hour of tapping on your lap, the temperature can rise 5 degrees. European studies show fertility is compromised when the temperature rises just 1.8 degrees!


"Until further studies provide more information," says Yefim R. Sheynkin, M.D. "teenage boys and young men should avoid using laptops on their laps. Instead, lay your laptop on a desk, counter or couch".


Eronomic alarm over laptop computer use by school children:

Survey of Physical Implications of Laptop Computer use by school children.


The alarming finding that 60% of the children suffer discomfort when using their laptop computer is a mjor outcome of a survey by Curtin University of Technology researchers.


The survey, involving 314 Perth school children about their use of laptop computers, was recently conducted by Dr. Leon Straker, Senior Lecturer in Ergonomics and Courtenay Harris, a graduate research student.


"Repeated requests from concerned parents and health professionals prompted the survey that is to be published in the International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics," Dr. Drake said.


"The children, from years 5 to 23 in three prominent Perth schools, were all required to use laptops for their school work," he said.


"Students reported spending over 3 hours each day, and 17 hours each week, using a laptop. We are concerned that serious permanent damage may be done to developing bodies by using laptops for this much time."


"Children mainly reported discomfort in the neck, low back, shoulders and head whilst using a laptop. The reports of discomfort were increased in older school children who used computers for longer periods each day and who had been using laptops for more years."


"The discomfort reported by children when using laptops is probably related to the hours per day and years of laptop use as well as the unusual postures assumed."


"Laptop computer use introduces new potential problems compared with desktop computer use as children adopt postures other than sitting at a desk or table." he said.


The survey found children used laptops in the following postures:

  • Lying on floor/bed 58%
  • Sitting on the floor 56%
  • Sitting on a chair, computer on the lap 48%
  • Sitting on bag/stool 29%
  • Other positions 12%
    • sitting on bed, sitting cross legged, standing, kneeling, side lying, side sitting

"The survey showed that 61% of students reported discomfort carrying their laptop, so we are also concerned about the extra weight students add to their school bag when carrying a laptop to and from school each day," Dr. Straker said.


"Students in one scholl used a lighter laptop and reported less discomfort." he said.


"Marketing by computer companies and educational literature on potential learning benefits appear to be applying significant pressures to use laptops. However we believe parents and teachers need to balance these pressures with the potential musculoskeletal and visual problems."


"Guidelines are desperately needed for schools and parents to safeguard children." Dr. Straker said.


Today the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) called for urgent research into the long term health effects on children using laptop computers.


APA National President, Ms. Fiona McKinnon, said this is of great concern as it raises questions about the future health of children who use laptop computers. Ms. McKinnon has called on the government and computer industry to support the research in a bid to avoid future health problems for young Australians.


Dr. Straker said further research is needed and planned.


"Whilst this survey focused on laptop computer use we are also concerned about the increasing use of desk top computers." Dr. Straker said. "Very little research is available on the physical implications of children using computers over prolonged periods, but research from adults in office work suggests a significant risk. Clearly more research is urgently needed to be able to provide guidelines to minimize the risk of using these valuable tools."


"We are currently planning a large international study in collaboration with researchers in North America, Europe and Asia to better understand the international problem.


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We are so sure that the LapGenie will improve your laptop computing, reading in bed and many other uses, that we offer an unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee, and we are so sure of our material and build quality that we offer a lifetime warranty.

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