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Self supporting lap top desk - briefcase portable!


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Slide show of LapGenie Portable Laptop Desk

The LapGenie is a revolutionary portable lap desk that puts an end to sore wrists and a stiff neck that prolonged laptop use can cause, therefore vastly improving your comfort while using it.

Amazingly light, yet strong, the LapGenie helps the poor ergonomics of laptop computers by allowing users to infinitely adjust the height and angle of their laptops.


  • Great device for the physically challenged
  • Adjustable height and angle
  • Self supporting lap desk
  • Briefcase portable
  • Colorful options!
  • Completely guaranteed!

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The LapGenie is a wonderfully simple, yet highly versatile and functional, portable laptop computer work surface.


Originally conceived as a tool for correcting the ergonomic problems of using a laptop computer. LapGenie owners find themselves using the LapGenie for computing, reading in bed, holding presentation notes at eye level and even elevating cookbooks over crowded kitchen counters.


The LapGenie is also a great device for the physically challenged, laptop users with back problems, neck strain and other discomforts inherent with laptop computer use and individuals confined to bed for medical reasons.


Unconditional 30 Day Guarantee!

We are so sure that the LapGenie will improve your laptop computing, reading in bed and many other uses, that we offer an unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee, and we are so sure of our material and build quality that we offer a lifetime warranty.


The LapGenie US patent #6019050

Proudly made in the USA

 Due to illness this company is for Sale.
Please contact (602)616-2839 with inquiries.